Welcome to Gunis for Health!

This site will help you understand more about the work of Gunis (traditional healers), see some of their work, and stay in touch with volunteer and intern opportunities.

Keep in mind that these people are incredibly dedicated to their practice. They are not commercially-motivated. We work very hard to ensure that they are able to carry on their generations-old traditions as effectively as possible.

About the Gunis

Gunis are the  traditional indigenous healers who utilise local medicinal plants. Gunis have been treating common illnesses in India for hundreds of years. These healers are improving the health of people of all ages, genders, and castes.

Gunis are exemplary healers. They treat their fellow villagers on the basis of community service and goodwill. Often charging less than $1 for their life-supporting services, the Gunis are committed to a happy and healthy village.

As lifelong learners, many Gunis undertake training and participate in knowledge exchange camps. In this way, Gunis continually learn how to provide the best care for their patients.

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Getting involved

Gunis for Health is an initiative of Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti, an NGO based in southern Rajasthan with a 30 year history of supporting rural development and traditional health practice.

You can learn more about our Volunteer programs for Naturopaths, Myotherapists, Ayurveds, and other plant-based healing modalities.